Best Type of Calls to Action You Need on Your Blog

Driving traffic to your blog is great for your business, but only if you can convert that traffic into leads or sales. To do so, it’s a best practice to ask your readers to take an action. This is often referred to as a call to action, or CTA for short

But what types of CTAs have proven track records of success?

Three CTAs You Should Implement Today

There are many ways to add a CTA to your blog and many CTAs to choose from. Deciding what to use and where to place it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch.

Luckily, these three CTAs are easy to start with and, with proper traffic, should help your business almost immediately.

Bottom-of-the-Post CTA

Many blogs make the mistake of leaving their engaged readers with nowhere to go or nothing to do after they finish reading a post. Inserting a CTA at the bottom of your post rectifies this.

Why it’s successful: Readers who take the time to read an entire post on your blog are interested in what you have to say. If they read the whole post, there’s a strong chance they’ll click through to another post or fill out a form.